embed analytics in your product

and let your users make the right decision. always.

embed icCube analytics software into your app
and include smart insights that guide your users.

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pack your business knowledge

and launch a data insight product

Use icCube embedded analytics to pack your expertise into a analytical dashboard product…

… and bundle your expertise and sell insights as a service?

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add data insights to your product

and let clients make the right decision. always.
Integrate analytics to your software and bring data intelligence to your audience.

We help embed analytical software into your product and include smart insights that will guide your users to make the right decision.

icCube = embedded analytics & dashboards, analytical software designed for use by Software & SaaS companies

customizable | embeddable| scalable | profitable
allows you to provide valuable insights and make a profit too
some examples

example 1

launch finance insights as analytical add-on module to your software

Let your customers view a fully P&L report, drill able to the very invoice line. They don’t need a tool of their own, its all provided by your product that is enhanced with embedded analytics of icCube.

Read how you could launch your own analytical product.

example 2

embed insights into your ITSM app

As software product owner of reporting: don’t waste your valuable IT resources to creating and maintaining custom reporting. Embed icCube analytics into your software and shorten your release cycle, improve the quality of the insights for your users and (up)sell more licenses.

Read how to embed icCube into your systems.

example 3

migrate existing analytical products

Migrate existing analytical solutions to icCube and benefit from: ease of deployment, fine-tuned integration and high performance. At a friendly price.

Read how SSAS Adventure works has been migrated to icCube.

customization example

icCube allows to host one set of analytical dashboards (easy maintenance) and one generic database set-up and publish these as specific instances per customer; with each customer having its own secure analytical analytical database environment, showing the data in the customers’ look & feel, so they can easily use the insights for (internal) reporting.

add insights
tell them what to do next

Transform your data into actionable dashboards and teach your audience what they could do best as a next step … based on data.
That is what we care about.

Our passion is to help you help your users make sense out of the data that is surrounding them; to present valuable insights from their data and to help them foresee the next right step to take.

provide actionable insights

We help you – business owner, entrepreneur, business consultant – to provide these inside vision to your audience so they will get:


Simple, effective and actionable dashboards that help the data-illiterate user to set the right next step .


Complete, comprehensible and fast data sets that help the business analysts to browse and navigate to massive data sets and guide them to find precious new insights.

all you need is here

We provide the tool, methodology and know-how that is specifically tuned to integrate these data insights into a product of your own.
Be it an existing product (embedded analytics) or a be it a completely new data dashboard product for your industry.

And unlike tools like Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft SSAS and PowerBI (these have very nasty embedded analytics license terms), there is plenty of room for you to make a nice profit with it.

flavors of embedded analytics:

create a data insight product
spread your industry insights in a product of your own
embed analytics into software
add analytical insights to your software with icCube analytics

Enable your users to foresee, act & benefit based on their data and the analytical structures you provide with embedded analytis.

we help you with data insights that get your audience on the edge of their seats!

icCube embedded analytics
inside vision
enabler of insights

latest icCube dashboard tips

tip 12 – how to fix category label length (improve design)

Having specific functionality in a chart, does not mean that your dashboard is ready to publish it. It is important that all elements are placed in such a way that you improve the overall user experience (Gestalt Design Principle). The chart form the previous tip (tip 11) had a vertical axis that “moved around” as the user pressed different buttons. It just did not look very nice.

This video will show you how to fix the “moving vertical axis” by using one of the more advance features of the dashboard editor in icCube.

tip 10 – how to add a click-details table

Just showing a nice interactive chart, is mostly not enough to get your audience excited about their data. One of the possibilities to increase user involvement is to add additional details that will be displayed on the user’s request. A very good practice is to add a “click-event” to a chart that will trigger another chart/table to display this additional information.

This video will show you a very simple set-up in which the chart from tip 09 will be made “clickable” on the period (columns) to trigger a details table that will show the Top 5 Internet Sales for that specific period.

tip 09 – how to make a 2-axis chart

ometimes you want to combine two values in one chart that have a completely different size range. If plotted against the same y-axis, one of the values will disappear as it is too low to become visible. The solution for this is a double-axes chart.

This video will show you how to make such a chart in icCube. It starts of with the chart created in tip 08.

build & launch
a data dashboard product

Powerful stuff, but this is only for you if …

  1. you are a data expert in your industry;
  2. you know the insights they need (and do not have yet);
  3. you have an entrepreneurial “can do” mentality.

If you have all three, why not monetize on your expertise and start a business with online data dashboards as a product? We have everything you need to give you a head start.

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sell analytical insights to your clients using dashboards
Integrate analytical software in your solution and enable your customers to really become data driven.

check what you could build …

View sample dashboards with financial data. You could enhance these and package these as a product of your own; to be sold as add-on product for commonly used accounting software.

View this financial dashboard demo
or view all demos.

allready have an idea, validate it here…

Use this free power point template to check if your idea for a data dashboard could be a potential gold mine.

Download high-level business plan.pptx or read more on how to start with a dashboard product.

how we could help you …

Read more on how we can help you become successful with analytical dashboards in your industry.

And learn how you could leverage the most friendly priced business intelligence software to make a profitable business.

how we help