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let your clients make the right decision. always.

plugin our analytical software into your app
and include smart insights that guide your users.

launch a dashboard product

If you are a data expert in your industry,
you know the insights they are craving for
and you have a “can do” mentality…

… why not monetize on your expertise and sell insights as a service?

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check what you could build …

View sample dashboards with financial data. You could enhance these and package these as a product of your own; to be sold as add-on product for commonly used accounting software.

View this financial dashboard demo
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Use this free power point template to check if your idea for a data dashboard could be a potential gold mine.

Download high-level business plan.pptx or read more on how to start with a dashboard product.

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Read more on how we can help you become successful with analytical dashboards in your industry.

And learn how you could leverage the most friendly priced business intelligence software to make a profitable business.

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