add data insights to your product

and let clients make the right decision. always.
Integrate analytics to your software and bring data intelligence to your audience.

We help embed analytical software into your product and include smart insights that will guide your users to make the right decision.

icCube = analytical software build to be integrated into SaaS products

customizable | embeddable| scalable | profitable
prove valuable insights to your users and
in a 15-30 min meeting we’ll explore if icCube could work in your SaaS product
some examples

Below some examples on what we have created for our clients in the Benelux using icCube embedded analytics software. We’ll gladly help you to get live with analytics inside your SaaS product within 3 months and teach you to become self-providing in launching new insights to your clients on a weekly basis.

example 1


A real live example of a dashboard product that has been launched around spend analytics, enabling non-profit organizations in The Netherlands to make impact in contracting the right vendors.

To see the product, click here.

example 2

accounting software enriched with integrated analytics

Traditionally, financial analytics are sold as a stand-alone add-on for the CFO team only. Be different; and add financial analytics right into your app. Out-of-the box, icCube support parent-child structures (G/L), year-to-date and rolling period functions. Let your customers respond to exceptions and browse to the very core of the problem; the transaction.

Read how you could launch your own analytical product.

example 3

a renting SaaS product with analytics to help your customers optimize profit

Allowing your users to navigate through your renting app and take actions on alerts and exceptions. With the analytical results plotted onto the renting vector map, the users can easily correlate problems with location.

We can show you this in a MS Teams meeting

example 4

project management analytics

Allow your customers to easily browse through their own portfolio using the management-by-exception principle. With it, project leaders and portfolio mangers can easily identify the bottlenecks and drill down to the root cause and take action.

We can show you this in a MS Teams meeting

customization example

icCube allows to re-use one set of analytical dashboards (easy maintenance) and one generic template schema set-up and publish these as specific instances per customer; with each customer having its own secure analytical analytical database environment, showing the data in the customers’ look & feel, so they can easily use the insights for (internal) reporting as the layout follows their internal styling guide principles..

add insights
request a demo

request a demo / MS Teams meeting
in a 30-60 min meeting we’ll show you how and if it could work in your SaaS product
tell them what to do next

Transform your data into actionable dashboards and teach your audience what they could do best as a next step … based on data.
That is what we care about.

Our passion is to help you help your users make sense out of the data that is surrounding them; to present valuable insights from their data and to help them foresee the next right step to take.

provide actionable insights

We help you – business owner, entrepreneur, business consultant – to provide these inside vision to your audience so they will get:


Simple, effective and actionable dashboards that help the data-illiterate user to set the right next step .


Complete, comprehensible and fast data sets that help the business analysts to browse and navigate to massive data sets and guide them to find precious new insights.

all you need is here

We provide the tool, methodology and know-how that is specifically tuned to integrate these data insights into a product of your own.
Be it an existing product (embedded analytics) or a be it a completely new data dashboard product for your industry.

And unlike tools like Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft SSAS and PowerBI (these have very nasty embedded analytics license terms), there is plenty of room for you to make a nice profit with it.

we help you with data insights that get your audience on the edge of their seats!

inside vision
enabler of insights
build & launch
a data dashboard product

Powerful stuff, but this is only for you if …

  1. you are a data expert in your industry;
  2. you know the insights they need (and do not have yet);
  3. you have an entrepreneurial “can do” mentality.

If you have all three, why not monetize on your expertise and start a business with online data dashboards as a product? We have everything you need to give you a head start.

read how this could work for you
Integrate analytical software in your solution and enable your customers to really become data driven.

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