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our mission: no more so-what-alytics

Every time it hurts, when we see consultants and software owners making the wrong decisions on analytical software. Either they shy away from it, as the products they have been reviewing are too complicated, too expensive and use too oppressive usage terms. Or, it is the opposite, they embrace a popular dashboard tool, but it is not fit to make a profitable product with it. They end up with an expensive “elephant” when they want to grow.

But the pain goes even deeper. Although missing out on the right tool is a big bummer, it could easily get much worse: we see many projects go astray in this. They start full-swing on integrating data, creating analytical models and publishing reports and dashboards, but they cannot get the “insights” part right. Despite the team being techy and clever, their target audience is not impressed; they have a look, shrug their shoulders and go back to whatever they were doing. It is the ever sad story of the “so-what-alytics”, referring to “so what” response you get when presenting non-great data visuals.

no more sowhatalytics please

It does not have to be like that. Please, no more of this.

Over the years, we, discovered the right analytical tool for the right job . And not only that, but also how to get your audience really excited with the right data visuals and insights. What a satisfaction, to see regular users making sound decisions based on the insights you present to them. It is an experience I kindheartedly wish for every analytics consultant and business owner.

what’s in it for you?

Why read  more on this website and eventually get in touch with us?

Well, it depends on who you are and what you want to achieve the coming period.

This is for you if …

  • if you are thinking to build or grow your business by providing data insights to your clients, or
  • if you want to grow your “data insight giving” business but your current analytics tool does not allow you to.

On this site and through our meetings we will demonstrate why icCube is the best choice when it comes to packaging analytics into a sell-able solution. We’ll help you with the right licenses, but, we will not stop there. As said before, it is not just about the right tool, it is about creating to-the-point data insights that transform regular users to real knowledge workers. We know how to achieve that and we’ll gladly share our knowledge, insights and best-practices with you.

We and icCube understand that to run a good business, we must support you to become great in providing insights to your clients. We, InsideVision and icCube, deliberately align our goals with you and call this “triple alignment”. You will experience that in all we do. How we meet with you, how we partner with you and how we price our software and services.

So, is this for you?

You will probably have realized after reading this, that this is not for just the regular guy/girl interested in analytics. But it might very well be something for you. If that’s the case: welcome to the site; happy reading, browsing and exploring.  And if you want to learn even more, drop us an e-mail with your contact information and we’ll gladly meet up with you. Looking forward to it, actually.

who we are
Arthur van den Berg
Analytics expert & Founder

Hi, I’m Arthur van den Berg, founder of InsideVision, and I am thrilled to help you provide valuable analytical insights to your customers. I have implemented analytical solutions for more than 18 years now. I have worked with various organizations, tools and people and was part of dozens of challenging implementations (different industries). What I learned, is that it is the right mix of tools, expertise, business knowledge and vision that can make or break a project. And the exact mix that is required, depends on what you want to achieve.

If you want to become successful as an entrepreneur presenting insights to your clients (aka “embedded analytics”), we know only of one tool: icCube. And that is on purpose. Since 2013, we have been working with the geeks from Switzerland and we love their drive to help us and our clients become successful with analytics. I have never experienced such a thing from software vendors before. Really amazing.

So, do you have a great idea for a data dashboard product in a specific niche? Or do you want to embed analytics in your software to help your clients make the right decision? Stop searching.

We, accelerators and analytics experts, will help you with the right tool and in-depth expertise. With your business knowledge and vision, we will be able to launch your insights bringing product short term.

icCube is a Swiss-based software company providing analytical & dashboard software that is specifically tuned to be used in a commercial setting. That is, for business owners and business analysts that want to monetize on their specific industry knowledge by launching data insights to clients. Be it in existing software, or as a stand-alone product.

To enable this, icCube launches scale able, affordable and highly performing software under the same name, icCube. You’ll find more on icCube and their product  offering on their website, on Wikipedia or in financesonline. Check the links under the icCube logo.

InsideVision is icCube’s partner in The Netherlands and we provide package deals for licenses, training, support and expert advice.

software provider

4.8 / 5
what others say about us

With the help of InsideVision and icCube I have been able to launch a data dashboard product to optimize purchasing processes, called Purfaction. Purchase departments from local governments, governmental institutions and corporations can now subscribe to this product for a small fee and optimize their purchasing processes seeing the insights my product provides. I first doubted to use Power BI for this, but I am really glad to have partnered with InsideVision instead. Much, much better.

about my data dashboard product

Jeroen Corts
Purfacts, Owner

Of all available data visualization and dashboard tools, only icCube and InsideVision were able to meet our real-time requirements for the call center dashboards for our customers. With icCube we can now offer qualitative BI dashboards that are fully integrated with our own products and services. Fully recommend.

details of our recommendation

Denise Konings
MassXess/BelEasy, CEO
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