Author: Arthur van den Berg

tip 12 – how to fix category label length (improve design)

Having specific functionality in a chart, does not mean that your dashboard is ready to publish it. It is important that all elements are placed in such a way that you improve the overall user experience (Gestalt Design Principle). The chart form the previous tip (tip 11) had a vertical axis that “moved around” as the user pressed different buttons. It just did not look very nice.

This video will show you how to fix the “moving vertical axis” by using one of the more advance features of the dashboard editor in icCube.

tip 10 – how to add a click-details table

Just showing a nice interactive chart, is mostly not enough to get your audience excited about their data. One of the possibilities to increase user involvement is to add additional details that will be displayed on the user’s request. A very good practice is to add a “click-event” to a chart that will trigger another chart/table to display this additional information.

This video will show you a very simple set-up in which the chart from tip 09 will be made “clickable” on the period (columns) to trigger a details table that will show the Top 5 Internet Sales for that specific period.

tip 09 – how to make a 2-axis chart

ometimes you want to combine two values in one chart that have a completely different size range. If plotted against the same y-axis, one of the values will disappear as it is too low to become visible. The solution for this is a double-axes chart.

This video will show you how to make such a chart in icCube. It starts of with the chart created in tip 08.