a data dashboard product for procurement

a data dashboard product for procurement

Wow. What a constructive cooperation with InsideVision. Although, I did not have much budget to start with, they helped me by actively participating in the design, development & launch of my new data dashboard product for procurement in The Netherlands: Purfaction.

And what a product it is! I now offer purchasing data insights as a product of my own on a subscription basis. Available for local governments, schools and housing corporations.

icCube client since 2016

Jeroen Corts
Jeroen Corts
purfacts, purchase analytics expert


Purfacts is a consultancy firm that provides data enrichment services for purchasing departments in The Netherlands. She provides analytical insights with which clients can further optimize their purchasing process. The services include creditor analysis, spent categorization, supplier assessment (“rating”) and all sorts of ratings on purchasing relevant topics. 

Under the motto: “Measure everything about your purchase”, Purfacts facilitates organizations to let them make informed purchasing decisions based on data (both internal and external).

the challenge

Jeroen Corts, owner of Purfacts, was looking for a solution to expand his existing services by making Spendzoom analytical dashboards available as an online product. With this solution, existing and new customers should be able to easily make independent analyzes on their own purchasing data, enriched with classifications and ratings provided by Purfacts.

The following requirements needed to be met when selecting the right online data dashboard tool and implementation partner:

the dashboard environment must be secure, the data may under no circumstances be disclosed to third parties;
the dashboards must be similar in functionality (or more) as the dashboards published in MS Excel. It should also be possible to add slice and dice functionality and filters;
the solution must be scaleable based on the market demand, both upwards and downwards;
the dashboards must be visually appealing, easy to use and accessible on desktop and tablet;
it must be possible to deploy the solution on clients servers, in case the customer is not allowed to work with cloud based solutions.

the solution

Based on an Excel prototype, Inside-Vision created a generic model in icCube specifically tuned to purchasing. During the development, Purfacts was able to include its new purchasing model in the online product. The data dashboard product developed with icCube is called “Purfaction”. This application is unique in its kind. It allows purchasing departments to optimize their processes  based on 4 key metrics: client value, spent, risk rating and process effort.

client value
spent optimization
automated action plan
under the hood

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The data dashboard product runs in the cloud and is now available for organizations via a subscription model.