04 – how others transformed their business

04 – how others transformed their business
by launching data dashboards as a product

In the previous chapter we talked about the possibility to grow a business with data dashboards, being an industry data expert, what steps to take to get there and why icCube is the software to do that with. In this chapter you can meet some business owners that have already made the transition.

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evidence that it works

You are not the first to start a data dashboard product with icCube. Below testimonies of other consultants and business owners that have taken the opportunity to switch from “trading time for money” to a “productized business”, using the icCube software to generate the insight giving product for their industry niche.

With the help of InsideVision and icCube I have been able to launch a data dashboard product to optimize purchasing processes, called Purfaction. Purchase departments from local governments, governmental institutions and corporations can now subscribe to this product for a small fee and optimize their purchasing processes seeing the insights my product provides. I first doubted to use Power BI for this, but I am really glad to have partnered with Inside-Vision instead. Much, much better.

about my data dashboard product

Jeroen Corts
Purfacts, Owner

As you can see from the photo below, this is me, the founder of InsideVision. To give proof that any analytics expert can get this to work, I myself have started a data dashboard product of my own. It is called semadash and it provides service management insights. It is built on top of an existing application, called TOPdesk which is very popular in The Netherlands but lacked built-in dashboards. I am not sure if I have the right marketing skills to make this a success, but the data dashboard product itself is great (if I might say so 😉 ). I am planning to create a step-by-step blog on this project to let you know what works, have a bit of a laugh on what went wrong, and learn from it.

blog posts soon to be released

Arthur van den Berg
founder of InsideVision
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In the next chapter 5 we will show you some examples on what you type of dashboard products you can build with the icCube software and a little bit of support from our side.

Want to learn more about embedding icCube analytics in your product? Or may be, just a quick question?

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