05 – examples on what you could do

05 – examples on what you could do
by launching data dashboards as a product

I hope you felt the enthusiasm of Purfaction that already published data dashboard products (not read it yet? you can find it here). I am almost intented to say “our enthusiasm”, as we ourselves are also heavily involved into their projects (and we enjoy it).  In this chapter we want to give you some ideas on what is possible with our software. 

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We have a couple of demo’s available, of which we want to present the following two as potential “data dashboard products”:

Have a look for your self. Best to view these dashboards is behind a PC on a large screen. Not part of the demo, but very well possible, is to set-up different “views” per device. So you can fine-tune the displays per monitor size, tablet and smartphone.

I hope your excitement levels have been rising after seeing some of the possibilities, and you might be wondering if the data dashboard product you have in mind could be realized as well in icCube. Very good. Let’s jump to the final chapter of this book: “How to start with my idea for a data dashboard product“.

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