embed financial insights in your app

embed financial insights in your app
process data from any G/L and combine with industry benchmarks

Give your customers insights as an extra service and publish their figures in online financial dashboards! Or integrate these into your finance app. With the analytical calculation engine of icCube it is relatively easy to add financial calculations to your data, such as: year-to-date calculations, rolling averages, automated forecasts, actual to budget comparisons and consolidations.

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Impression on the finance dashboards components:

You can add even more value to the dashboards:

add industry benchmark information and plot how businesses perform
include budget and forecast data to allow for variance analysis
have financial advisors add comments to the monthly data (check out the data chat functionality in the demo!)
allow to present holistic company views by consolidating values from all data sources

The possibilities are only limited by your creativity (eh, may be not the right word in the context of financial data 😉 ). It is all depends on your ambition, dear business consultant or software owner. We can help you with in-depth financial analysis expertise coming from our planning & budgeting consultants.

We love to bring you up-to-speed with all the possibilities, so you start planning when to launch the financial data service created with the icCube software.

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