embed analytics in your app
and let your clients make the right decision. always.


Integrate the icCube analytical software into your SaaS product. With it, you can provide insights to your clients they do not have right now and.

You can do this with dashboards, action lists, reports, presented as part of your product. But in reality created with icCube; but that’s completely hidden for your users.


Apply the management-by-exception principle for your customers. So the users can focus on those things that really need attention, based on analytical insights.

And of course; add analytical reports as well. So managers can view trends, drill down to the root cause and get alerted with pdf reports that are generated only if there is a problem.

so what?

Users will be more engaged with your software; get the right focus and benefit from the insights you provide. You can build custom analytical insights (IP) that give you a competitive edge against the competition.


up-sell licences; attracting different user-types;
longer customer life-time value;
get more clients.

read down further for the whole story

why embed analytics in your software?

Did you notice that more and more customers ask for extra reports and additional information that your application need to deliver? Quite a drain on your talent and budget, isn’t it, trying to keep up with the huge customer demand on insights. And when you have crafted something new, they always have something more to ask.

You might wish you’d could go back to the good old days when just providing a data dump could satisfy the customers’ craving for information. But the competition is moving forward. Some provide nice and fancy dashboards, while others provide “self-service” platforms with branch specific benchmarks. How to compete with that? It feels like an uphill battle, doesn’t it?

Let’s share our little secret with you. In stead of spending your talent and budget on providing more reports, you could also solve it once and for all: plug-in icCube’s analytical dashboard software in your app. This is software that has been developed for the sole purpose of being embedded. So not just an add-on dashboard tool, but analytics right from your application core, embedded in your processes and reports. These will give so much insights, that your customers will become your loyal fans. And companies will choose you over your competitors.

To get there, you have to think and act different. More clever. We have the right software for you: embedded analytics from the data geeks from icCube, Switzerland.

And of course, we have ourselves. We’ll help you, from start to finish.

how will analytics help your customers?

What if data insights were integrated in your software? So, not isolated single reports, but integrated insights in all screens. Not just simple graphs, but intelligent recommendations and clickable insightful dashboards right at the spot where they are useful. Integrated insights as an additional USP strategy for your software. That’s something the competition doesn’t have (yet). Having this in your software would put your company miles ahead.

We call this “embedded analytics”; analytical insights integrated into your product. The analytical software software we provide has been created specifically for this very purpose. The term “embedded analytics” is sometimes confused with the ability of software vendors to publish dashboards under a white label, or to allow vendors to call specific external API’s. This is not our definition of “embedded”. With “embedded analytics” we mean that you plugin up-to-date analytical insights at the exact spot in your app, using software and logic over which you have the control.

Analytics embedded in this way, will give regular users guidance on what they could do best as a next step. It enables them to make the right decision at any point in the process. Hereby optimizing and following up on their company’s strategy. Your app will not only provide the means to help them do their process, but it will also empower them to do their process in the most optimal way. Their managers and stakeholders would be pretty pleased, wouldn’t they? And what do you think that will do to their appreciation of your software? I guess, they will love you for it.

And most likely, that will mean: a bigger footprint in their organization, more licenses and prospects turning into clients more easily.

Embedding analytics into your software means that both users and developers will feel and experience analytics as a central part of your software.

how to turn on embedding analytics?

It all comes down to, adding our analytical software as plugin to your software. You’ll get the analytical database, adapters to load and combine data from any type of source, all sorts of analytical algorithms and an integrated reporting platform for dashboards, alert and pdf booklets. (A mouthful ;-), no worry if it is a bit too much right now.)

We will help you from start to finish: we’ll set-up and integrate the software into your systems, so all relevant data will be available for the users to report upon. We’ll define with you the right business insights your users need. The end product is: irresistible integrated analytical reports, expert advice options and critical KPI alerts in your software. Your users will love you for it!

To summarize, the process to embed analytics into your software and its results:

plugin our analytical software
link, model & publish all relevant data
embed analytical insights and recommendations in your processes
regular users making the right decision. They’ll love you for it
what software to use?

Good question, but the answer might surprise you. You might be inclined to search for the most popular analytics tool but end up with a tool that is suited for in-house dashboards and reporting only. That is not what you are looking for. What you want is analytical software that you can embed and use within your software and deploy as your own product, right? The most popular BI tools in the market place will not allow you to, or only at a very high cost.

You are looking for analytical software that enables you to embed it in your app and encourage you to package it and sell it on the marketplace as vital part of your solution, while maintaining a profitable margin for you. That leaves only one options: icCube.

icCube is the best analytical software for embedded analytics. We and icCube understand that to be successful, we must help you to become great in providing analytical insights to your clients and to enable you to grow a profitable business.

This triple business alignment is a reason of its own to choose for icCube, but we can zoom in into the main reasons why icCube is the software for you.

integrate insights everywhere

Integrate analytical charts and benchmark information into each process your app supports. Insights at the exact spot where it is needed. No need to switch to a separate screen.

in-house or in the cloud

You decide where and how you want to deploy the software: in the cloud, or on your in-house servers. It can be even at the clients’. Single- or multi-tenant, you name it.

automate security from day one

icCube allows you to use your security protocols and logic, so the insights presented follow the same access patterns as defined in your existing application. When set-up, there is zero hassle on maintaining the fine grained security levels per user. A huge time-saver for you as there is no additional manpower required for maintaining the security as it is fully automated.

use branch specific visualizations

Do not get locked-in by a restricted set of widgets. Out-of-the-box, icCube already gives a wealth of visualization options as it uses the datavis libraries from amCharts and Google. Branch specific visualizations can be easily added to the open JavaScript based reporting framework. Presenting figures in the right way will be a big benefit to your clients.

retain a single user experience

Present the dashboards and visualizations as your own. We do not force you to use icCube’s style and logo. Instead, create the insights and dashboards in your style using your UI. Or may be even better, in your customers’. Let the icCube software blend in your software, so your customers do not even know it is not yours.

stable prices for at least 5 years

The icCube software has no diabolic pricing structures. No hidden traps. Instead, transparent prices, with a guarantee not to increase for the next 5 years. Our price policy is such that it allows you to grow a profitable business with embedded analytics. We, Inside-Vision, will help you achieve that long term.

need something special, we’ll add it

Do you need a specific feature or do you need to ensure a pre-condition is met, we help. We want to partner with you to make you successful in the analytical insights you provide to your customers. And if that means to run an extra mile, we’ll gladly run it with you. As an example, we had icCube add a super fast data sync as the customer’s client needed to see data changes within 3 seconds in the call center dashboards.

and many more good reasons …

There is so much more to say. I could dwell on:

icCube’s processing speed;
the possibility to enrich your data with external sources;
data processing automation;
incremental data loads;
hot standby automation;
possibility to allow users/specialists to share comments on data points;
send e-mail reports based on events;
our experience that our clients have icCube run months without any interruption.

… and I gladly detail on each of these if you want to know more.

Want to learn more about embedding icCube analytics in your product? Or may be, just a quick question?

our clients’ recommendation

Of all available data visualization and dashboard tools, only icCube and InsideVision were able to meet our real-time requirements for the call center dashboards for our customers. With icCube we can now offer qualitative BI dashboards that are fully integrated with our own products and services. Fully reccomended.

details of our recommendation

Denise Konings
Denise Konings
MassXess/BelEasy, CEO

With the help of InsideVision and icCube I have been able to launch a data dashboard product to optimize purchasing processes, called Purfaction. Purchase departments from local governments, governmental institutions and corporations can now subscribe to this product for a small fee and optimize their purchasing processes seeing the insights my product provides. I first doubted to use Power BI for this, but I am really glad to have partnered with Inside-Vision instead. Much, much better.

about my data dashboard product

Jeroen Corts
Jeroen Corts
Purfacts, Owner