financial dashboards as add-on for Speedbooks clients

financial dashboards as add-on for Speedbooks clients

It is remarkable that just a seemingly “simple” set of financial dashboards can make such a difference for my clients. I had some concerns about the icCube software at first. Is it too difficult for my team? Is it stable? Does it integrate with our dotNet software?

But within a few weeks we rolled-out our dashboards product. Fully automated with our systems and up till now, icCube is running like a charm.

With InsideVision we really got a headstart in providing dashboards for the non-financial manager, without them it might have taken us years to get to this level.

icCube client since 2015

Lume Paulusma
Lume Paulusma
Speedbooks, CEO


Speedbooks reporting software is an independent Dutch company providing financial insights to SME’s in the EU. Over 2000 companies are currently successfully using their financial reporting software. A large part of these are accountancy and administration offices.

The strength of Speedbooks is it contains data adapters for every available accounting database in The Netherlands. Within minutes, Speedbooks produces insightful management and management information, available in Excel and on a smartphone.

the challenge

Speedbooks was looking for an online dashboard solution to make financial metrics, KPI’s and management information available to the non-financial managers and business owners. The online dashboards would be offered to existing and new clients as extra service for additional insights.

The following key elements were important here:

  1. The dashboards must transform financial data into appealing visuals for directors, owners and shareholders in a very accessible way. Therefore:
    • data must be made visually appealing;
    • the add-on must be accessible via a secure cloud environment;
    • the add-on must be easy to operate;
    • availability on PC and on the iPad / tablet.
  2. For security purposes, each client (or client’s client) need to work in a physically separate database with a separate set of dashboards to ensure an isolated environment for each client;
  3. The add-on dashboard module should also be available as white label for the clients of Speedbooks’ clients (the intermediairs like the accounting- and administration offices). To this end, it must be possible to tune the dashboards automatically to the styling and logo of of the intermediary.
  4. The dashboard software has to be fully integrated in the Speedbooks software:
    • fully integrated with the Speedbooks user module (authentication & authorization);
    • completely in the style of Speedbooks, but easy to adapt to a style of an intermediary;
    • fully automated in processing the data and configuring the dashboards for new customers.

the solution

InsideVision has set up a maintenance-friendly financial dashboard data model with the icCube software, specifically tuned to Speedbooks methodology and way of working. On this model, a master set of dashboards has been developed. As soon as a customer wants to use the add-on a fully automated process is initiated that copies the master model and master dashboard set to a customer specific analytical environment. The on-boarding process for dashboards is fully integrated into the Speedbooks software (.NET) and works without any intervention from technical personnel.

The following specific items have been developed for Speedbooks:

Speedbooks look-and-feel, so the solution blends into the Speedbooks user interface completely;
specific visualization widgets such as the speedometer, indicating the major growth KPIs;
a specific icCube plugin that reads the authentication and authorization information for the central Speedbooks security module. With this, there is no need for an administrator to maintain dashboard access separately in icCube;
a financial model with built-in financial logic (year to date, period comparisons, analysis of variance, etc.) and alternative accounting structures for the balance sheet, the loss & profit, operating overview and calculations;
comprehensible and easy-to-use financial dashboards.

The underlying solution makes it possible for Speedbooks to grow into adding more complex financial logic, budgets & forecasts and drill through analysis possibilities.

the result

Since May 2015, Speedbooks customers can purchase the extra module as an add-on to Speedbooks. This module is called “Speedbooks online dashboards”. Enabling this add-on is now as easy for the helpdesk as adding an extra user to Speedbooks online. Accountants and administration offices can easily upload their own logo, which can then be displayed on the dashboards for their customers.

p&l metrics
financial KPIs
expense analysis & table
cost analysis

Some examples of the look&feel of the dashboard product for Speedbooks. (<–> move to see more images)

Customers of Speedbooks, especially the non-financial managers, experience the new dashboards as a very welcome enrichment on the detailed reports in Excel.

Since in production, the downtime of icCube has been 0 seconds and the amount of technical support from InsideVision to Speedbooks is minimal. This makes the project result a great success not only for the customers of Speedbooks, but also for the support team of Speedbooks itself.