help on selecting the right Embedded BI tool (XLS)

help on selecting the right Embedded BI tool (XLS)

Please find enclosed a Request for Information (RfI) template you can use to ask your favorite BI vendors on their possibilities to use their software for integration into your product.

Below a sample of the content. Unfortunately, it is (currently) only available in the Dutch language.

download RfI template - Embedded BI

Click to download this RfI template.

download RfI template for Embedded BI tool selection (language: Dutch)

For our clients looking for embedded analytics, we use the software from icCube. You can read more on this tool on this web site and we gladly tell you all about it. But may be, you want to see the RfI filled out for our tool as well. If so, please let us know via the following button.

want to get this RfI filled in for icCube?