plot analytical results on a vector map

plot analytical results on a vector map
and provide insights that would otherwise be undetected

With icCube’s custom widget functionality it is possible to bind icCube’s analytical results to any vector map (in svg format). You can change attributes like color, size or patterns based on the data.

The most obvious applications of this functionality can be found in plotting data on maps for holiday rental parks,  (this demo), rooms in a hotel, seats in a cinema or boats in a dock. But you could also think of maps indicating processes, machine parts or schematic workflows.

check out this hospitality demo
bring revenue and customer reviews to the spatial dimension

This video shows the revenue per rental unit as heatmap projected on a vector map of the holiday park. The specific visualization, created for this demo is based on a svg map of the park, which each unit linked to a specific tag in the database. Technically, relatively easy to create and adjust for any vector map.


If you want to read more on this topic, please check the icCube’s website on spatial BI.

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