MassXess embedded real-time dashboards

MassXess embedded real-time dashboards
client case MassXess/BelEasy

After an elaborate selection process, only icCube was able to meet our real-time requirements: analytical insights up-to-date within 5 seconds. I had some doubts in the beginning because InsideVision is not a big company, but now several years later, that doubt turned out to be completely unfounded. Stable software, convenient training and great support.

icCube client since 2015

Denise Konings
Denise Konings
MassXess, CEO

the company

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MassXess provides cloud telecom and call center services to business customers. It carries the labels BelEasy: affordable VOIP solutions for SMEs, and ContactMakers: quality telecom services and call center infrastructure.

With its in-house developed carrier-based communication platform, it serves around 500 national and international customers. The company consists of 25 employees, the majority of which consists of ICT engineers.

the challenge

In order to further expand its range of services with integrated analytical dashboards, MassXess started an RFI to find the most suitable BI and data visualization tool. The most important requirements for the RFI were:

Full integration with the MassXess internal developed software;
The ability to create customer-specific dashboards in their own house style;
linking fine-grained data security of the customer data to the own central authorization and authentication infrastructure;
scalable software to continue to function optimally (up to 1000+ users);
affordable license growth model;

with the most important requirement

The analytic dashboards must show data change within 5 seconds (real-time) in the dashboards, measured from the moment the database is updated.

The latter requirement is crucial for MassXess, which wants to offer real-time analytical dashboards to its call center customers with the tool, so that it can offer an even better service to its callers.

The latter requirement is crucial for MassXess, which wants to offer real-time analytical dashboards to its call center customers with the tool, so that it can offer an even better service to its callers.

what are real-time dashboards?

Real-time BI dashboards are analytic dashboards that immediately process every change in one of the underlying data sources in the OLAP database and display them in the dashboards without the intervention of a user.

The maximum delay for display is – in the case of this customer – 5 seconds. The dashboards are automatically refreshed.
The special feature of the icCube real-time dashboards lies in the fact that not only the dashboard is refreshed, but also the underlying analytical database is completely updated. Each dashboard and every Excel pivot table that is linked to this database automatically has the most real-time status of the data

the solution

After an intensive review and test period, icCube was chosen as the best tool for MassXess. The decisive factor was the 100% integration with the in-house developed software and databases, the friendly license model, connection with existing software and BI standards and compliance with the “5-second criterion”.

Prior to the decision, icCube and InsideVision had to prove that they could meet the strict 5-second requirement. To evaluate this, a production copy environment was set up in which intensive call center activity was mimicked with test scripts.

icCube appeared to continue to run optimally, even under high peak loads. The most optimal refresh frequencies for icCube were: 3 seconds for the OLAP database and 2 seconds for the dashboards. To be able to get the high refresh rate for the dashboards that run in a browser, we switched from amCharts to Google charts.

At special request of MassXess, icCube has been expanded with “alert” functionality. This allows users to configure that icCube will send them a PDF dashboard via e-mail if specific threshold values ​​are exceeded. With these “alerts” you let the system indicate when it is necessary to look carefully at the data and you are sure that you can deal with important deviations in time.

the result

After a short practice-oriented training period, given by InsideVision, MassXess has successfully started building real-time dashboards. The icCube protection is fully controlled by the existing MassXess software with the help of a plugin.

This spring, the first analytical real-time dashboards will be offered to their main customers; of course completely made up in the corporate style of each customer individually.

These will soon be able to use high-quality dashboard technology to see what exactly happens in the call center, which trends there are and which show deviations and which underlying data underlie them. Specific steering information with only one goal: to offer an even better and more pleasant contact moment to their customers.