our services: provide analytical insights to your clients

We help you in the process. Whether it is analytics embedded in your product or it is the creation of a data dashboard product for your industry. We provide you with tooling, (trial) licenses, best-practices, advise, help on implementing complex logic and go-live support. You choose how we could help you best. Our offering ranges from “help me do-it-myself” to “please do it for me / completely serviced”.

Need something that’s not listed, or need more clarification? Please drop us an e-mail.

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analytical dashboard software

Get a (trial) license for the icCube software. With this software, “all the magic happens”. If your technically oriented and not afraid to type in some Linux (or Windows) commands, you can install icCube for evaluation on-the-fly. You might need additional customization when you set it up for a production environment. But this depends on how data intense your solution will be.

Take the online icCube training tutorial and study a few books on dataviz (Andy Kirk, Stephen Few, etc), get an idea on what is possible from our demos and you’re good to go.

Tips on icCube dashboards can be found here.

ready-to-use server

This is more for the business oriented expert. No hassle on hardware, software and specific customizations. We take care of that for you.

We provide you with a ready-to-use icCube server: secure (ssl), GDPR proof and ISO 9001, ISO27001, NEN7510 certified.

The solution scales with your (data) needs. If you want to start publishing analytical insights to your clients on short-term, this is a perfect start.


Learn how icCube works: automate ETL processes, build OLAP models, design and launch interactive dashboards with the right business specific visualizations.

We provide you with the following on-site (or remote) trainings:

  •  icCube Configuration & Maintenance (1 day)
  • icCube dashboards basic (2 days)
  • icCube Modeller basic, including DTAP and release management (2 days)
go-live support

We help you in each phase of your analytical solution, varying from getting the data in icCube (ETL), building the right model (Model build) and presenting the data in interactive dashboards (MDX and dashboards builder).

The main driver is to “get-live” with analytical insights for your (potential) customers. We help your team get up-to-speed with icCube, so they can maintain and improve it without the need of external support.

If you do not want any hassle with icCube at all and you want to focus on marketing and getting the right insights to your audience, you could completely outsource all this work to us.

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