03 – what software to use?

03 – what software to use?

In the previous chapters we discussed why you could start a business with data dashboards, embedding all your expertise in a product of your own, and what steps you need to take to get there. This chapter focuses on the software with which you can realize a sustainable and healthy subscription based business.

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what is this magic software of yours?

I thought you’d never asked ;-). The analytical software to create your own product is not one of the popular analytical tools. But I think you’d already guessed that. These tools do not let you build and launch your own product with it (or at a high cost).

The software you are looking for is exactly the software that allows you to build and launch a data dashboard product as outlined in the previous chapter. That leaves only one candidate, and it is called: icCube.

icCube is the analytical software that is best suited to create your own data dashboard product.

We and icCube understand that to be successful ourselves, we must help you to become successful in providing analytical insights to your clients. We need to enable you to grow a profitable business with your data dashboard product.

So we align our goals with yours. We call this “triple business alignment”. It is a reason of its own to choose for us, but we can zoom in into the details why we and icCube are such a perfect fit for you to build and launch a data dashboard product.

unrestricted growth because of unlimited users

Yes. There is no limit to the number of users you get with our license. You can give access to your dashboards to as many users you want. They are all included in the pricing. We need you to have a profitable business.

That does not mean though, that you can not charge your clients for an extra seat. But that is up to you.

automate everything leaving no overhead

Automate user security by linking it to clients’ access systems. So, you do not need to employ personnel give users access or change someone’s password. Schedule data to be updated on a daily basis (or even more frequent).

Automate rollout to new clients, shortening the implementation to just a few clicks.

apply your branding and look & feel

It is your product, so you should determine how the dashboards will look like . We do not force you to use our style and logo. Instead, create the insights and dashboards in your style using your UI and create your own brand image.

Or may be even better, allow to display your dashboards in the style of your customers’. One of our clients deploys dashboards that are uniquely branded with the client’s logo (a fully automated process by the way).

use industry specific visualizations

Use the visualizations that are common to your industry, or enhance these to outsmart competition. Out-of-the-box, icCube already gives a wealth of visualization options as it uses the datavis libraries from amCharts and Google. But specific visualizations can be easily added to the open JavaScript based reporting framework (have a look at d3 for example).

Presenting figures in the right way could be a major benefit to your clients.

reuse your analytical skill set

icCube is very easy to use. Especially if you have created analytical models and dashboards before in other tools (like Analysis Servcies, PowerBI, Qlik, …). Re-use your dimensional modeling techniques, your MDX query skills and your data presentation skills.

icCube is pretty intuitive and it is mostly a matter of finding the right buttons for processes you are already familiar with. And might you run into something you can not find, there are plenty of examples and tutorials. And of course, we are there to help if you need us.

certified & secure cloud

icCube lets you choose to deploy it on any server you want. For your data dashboard product we advice you to use a secure cloud server that is certified to the level of security required for your industry (ISO9001, ISO27001, NEN7510, …), but if you prefer, you can host the servers yourself as well and take care of all server security measures required.

If you are not so into this technical stuff, you could also have us set-up a secure icCube cloud server for you that is ready-to-go (see services).

stable prices for at least 5 years

The icCube software has no diabolic pricing structures. No hidden traps.

Instead, transparent prices, with a guarantee not to increase for the next 5 years.

Our price policy is such that it allows you to grow a profitable business with embedded analytics. Again, the triple business alignment, remember? We will support you to achieve that long term.

So we all benefit.

and many more good reasons …

There is so much more to say. I could dwell on:

icCube’s processing speed;
the possibility to enrich your data with external sources;
data processing automation;
incremental data loads;
hot standby automation;
possibility to allow users/specialists to share comments on data points;
send e-mail reports based on events;
our experience that our clients have icCube run months without any interruption.

… and I gladly detail on each of these if you want to know more.

next chapter

The characteristics of icCube do sound as if they would encourage you to start your own product with it, wouldn’t it. Of course, the “proof of the pudding, is in its eating”. Best to check this out yourself in a test-run (just ask us). But before you do, let’s just read how others started their business with data dashboards, using icCube as its underlying engine.

Want to learn more about embedding icCube analytics in your product? Or may be, just a quick question?

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