tip 01 – how to make a simple dashboard in icCube

tip 01 – how to make a simple dashboard in icCube
level: easy

This video will show you how to create an interactive dashboard containing a single serial chart using the icCube software. Notice how it interacts when it is published in an application.

Timeline and topics:

  • show how the end result responds to the application filter settings;
  • set-up the underlying data, using the data cube AdventureWorks;
  • create a double-row chart, based on Customer Geography: Country and Customer: City;
  • sort the City on the value “Internet Sales Amount”, descending, within the Country;
  • change the default column chart to a bar chart, to enable easy reading the labels;
  • set the color for the bars;
  • add a scrollbar to the chart and zoom in at start-up on the first 25 cities;
  • show again the end result in the application.

Below the interesting highlights of the tip, so you can have a closer look.

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