tip 05 – how to link colors to specific items II

tip 05 – how to link colors to specific items II
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It really helps sometimes to attach colors to specific items that are used throughout all the dashboards and reports. Tip 03 showed you how you could do this using a conditional statement in the Color assignment. This works nicely, but it has the following disadvantages: it does not work with filter colors, like buttons, and if you want to change the colors you have to change all the widgets.

This video will show you how to link colors to specific items using color assignment in the underlying data cube.

It’s an “up-tempo” video, you might want to pause a couple of times if you want to study the steps.

Timeline and topics:

  • The starting point of this video is tip 04: the countries have already been linked to a specific color (tip 03) and the Internet Sales Amount is displayed for each country per year as a stacked bar chart;
  • The chart start by opening the dashboard for this tip, using the top-left menu as the end-result;
  • you can see that the buttons now also have the country color assigned, there is no need anymore for the legend;
  • First, let’s see if we can apply tip 03 also to the button filters;
  • unfortunately, it is not possible. The only way is to set this in the underlying data cube;
  • in the icCube back-end, open the “Builder”;
  • and navigate to the GeographyCustomer query;
  • check the new SQL statement that assigns colors to Countries;
  • now, in the Sematic Layer, assign this color as @Ic3Color property to the Country;
  • Re-deploy the model to make it available in the dashboard environment;
  • Navigate to the dashboard and change the button colors to MDX > Axis Property > Rows;
  • and voilà, the buttons get the country linked color;
  • last thing to do is remove the legend as it is no longer needed;
  • save and publish.

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