tip 07 – how to publish dashboards in an app

tip 07 – how to publish dashboards in an app
level: easy

Once you have finalized your dashboard you want to share it with your audience. The best way to do this in icCube is using the built-in option to publish dashboards as part of an application.

This video will show you how to add a dashboard to an application. Users can simply access it when they enter the right URL, and of course if they have a valid login and have the proper data access roles to view the data (see tip 06).

It’s an “up-tempo” video, you might want to pause a couple of times if you want to study the steps.

Timeline and topics:

  • The video start by showing a Partition chart published in an application;
  • It shows the results of a global date filter (Jan 4, 2013) and a local filter on “Accessories”.
  • How is it done?
  • Start with creating a new dashboard, called report;
  • Select the data cube “AdventureWorks”;
  • set-up a filter on Product Categories, and assign it as filter event “@{product}” (similar to tip 01);
  • create a “D3 Partition Chart”;
  • and configure the data layer, using “Internet Sales Amount” as fact, and in the rows the triple levels for the Product: Category, Subcategory and Product;
  • and add the filter event “@{product}”;
  • verify the result and save the report;
  • now open the “Tips” application in the Applications menu;
  • and add the newly created report “Tip 07” and open the app to test;
  • verify that it works and you’re done.

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