tip 08 – how to make a time-series chart

tip 08 – how to make a time-series chart
level: easy

icCube allows you to create date sensitive time-series charts. This means that the x-axis will be represented as date / time and not just as a regular category axis. This video will show you how to make such a chart in icCube.

It’s an “up-tempo” video, you might want to pause a couple of times if you want to study the steps.

Timeline and topics:

  • A time-series chart in icCube is date-sensitive as you can see in the start of the video.
  • To create one, we start with a simple serial chart;
  • add the data layer using “Internet Sales Amount” as Measure and “Month” from the Time hierarchy as rows;
  • set the chart Category Axis, tab: Date-Related to “Parse Dates” and ” Min Period” to month (MM);
  • to show the effect of date sensitivity, add a scrollbar, zoom in on the last 13 months with data;
  • save, verify that it works;
  • place the report in the application (tip 07) and you’re done.

(Note that in order to achieve the best results you need to use a hierarchy on the rows that has a date key for the items.)

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