01 – why a data dashboard product? why now?

01 – why a data dashboard product? why now?
change your business model into income from subscriptions

A data dashboard product of your own … I assume the idea is not new to you. May be, it crossed your mind when you completed your nth consultancy project. May be, you thought about it when you noticed that the client was really happy with the insights you provided. It seemed a good idea, but when you gave it some extra thought, you discarded it: too complex, too expensive and too much unknowns. Let alone be profitable. That is, with the analytical tools you have been using up till now. No way, you could package all you know into a sell-able product with these tools. That would become way too expensive for you and your clients.

You are not alone. This is the default response to this idea: “Just forget about it. Don’t do it and continue your consulting business”. And I can not blame you. I agree, almost all analytical dashboard tools will not encourage you – pricing & complexity wise – to sell it as a dashboard product. They simply are not designed for that.

but what if, there is software …
your product
your product?

But what if, I tell you, that there is analytical software that let you make a profitable business with a dashboard product? Software that allows you to sell your cloud product for an irresistible price. Same analytical techniques as the most popular tools in the market, similar modeling, but different policy towards packaging it in a product of your own.

I want to stress the phrase “affordable price”, because some companies do make a sort of “product” with a popular dashboard tool. They create a set of industry dashboards and package these with high priced consultancy on top of these expensive tools that the customer needs to buy. In this fashion they hop from client to client. It is profitable, for the consultancy firm. Not for the client, who ends up with again an expensive system that is difficult to maintain.

What if you could provide the alternative to this; a friendly priced insight providing solution. To be used by all companies in your industry niche. Your unique selling point (USP) would be: affordable insights, based on best-practices, having industry benchmarks, easy to rollout at new clients, with no footprint in the client organization. How irresistible is that? Especially if you are the first to offer this in your niche.

to grow a profitable business

With our analytical software it is easier than ever before to build an analytical dashboard product and grow a profitable business. And if you move now, you can still be the first to offer this in your industry niche! Imagine to generate income from subscriptions in stead of consultancy. A passive income stream, what so much means as that you invest time now and reap the benefits later, renewal after renewal.

next chapter

Sounds nice, isn’t it. In the next chapter I’ll show you how it works and what steps to take. The first step, being the most difficult one. Read more about this, in the next chapter ” 02- a data dashboard product, how does it work? a step-wise tutorial towards passive income from data insights“.

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